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Ion Cleanse -
"My once swollen ankles are now normal size after six Ion Cleanse treatments.  They tend to retain fluid when I am under stress but one or two treatments brings them back to normal size.  Combine this treatment with Massage Therapy and the results are amazing!  Thanks!
- Ellen Zimmer, Spring Valley, WI.

Debi has been giving me massage therapy treatments for over a year.  She helps me stay focused with my health goals.  She truely cares about people and their recovery.  She is caring, understanding and helps you look at the positives in life!  What an inspiration and breathe of fresh air!

- Mariah C, Lakewood, CO.

Debi not only listen and understood what my needs where, she also helped me focus on changing some of the habits that I have to help me change my life for the better!  You don't just get a massage therapist with Debi, you get a friend and a partner to help you conquor your goals!  She really cares about you!
- Mark M.

Thanks Medi Massage & Debi. You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!

- Cynthia E, Wheat Ridge, CO.

Not only do your massages relax me, but they promote healing. I have never felt better! Thanks!

- Bailey T, Arvada, CO.

Ion Cleanse Treatments-
"My 85 year old mother could not work in the garden because of the severe pain and stiffness.  She can work a few hours every day and fights me for appointments for an Ion Cleanse.

- Gordon Pierce. Littleton, CO.

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