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Medi Massage's Ionic Foot Bath

The ionic foot bath experience is one you will have to see to believe!  While your feet get a soothing soak in warm water, the ionic machine is charging the water with positive and negative ions causing a magnetic effect which will pull toxins out of the body, via osmosis and diffusion, through the pours of your feet.

Toxins are pulled from joints, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and more.  Yeast, lymph, metals, and much more can come out during this 30 minute treatment, followed with a nice relaxing foot and shin/calf massage.

You'll visibly be able to see the debris leaving your body as you feel an increase in energy, more mental clarity and less stress. Two people can enjoy an ionic foot bath at the same time, however you do each have your own foot bath. 

This is great for yourself or shared with a friend or loved one. 

You will feel amazing, rejuvenated and refreshed.  Combine a full body massage with this treatment for the ULTIMATE detoxification.


* Please note that you must not be pregnant/breast feeding, have severe heart conditions, have had organ transplants, electronic devices inside your body, or have had epilepsy/seizures, or any other severe medical conditions or scares at the time of this treatment. You may be required to get a doctor's note for this treatment with some medical conditions.  No children under 12.  Must have parent/guardian's consent.
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